Malcolm Roberts has started campaigning for aa seat in Queensland parliament after the High Court ruled him out of parliament following the citizenship saga. (Pic: Gary Ramage)
Malcolm Roberts has started campaigning for aa seat in Queensland parliament after the High Court ruled him out of parliament following the citizenship saga. (Pic: Gary Ramage)

Punters backing One Nation's Malcolm Roberts to win Ipswich

PUNTERS have backed a One Nation win in Ipswich with the controversial party attracting more money with online bookie Sportsbet than any other contender.

Labor's chances of an outright win in the November 25 election firmed overnight with odds today naming the party a $1.75 favourite to secure the win.

The online bookmaker has Labor as the favourite to take out 51 seats and overall the party has been best backed by punters.

But in the key seats across the state One Nation has captured the attention of punters, particularly in Ipswich where overnight odds of a win for expelled Senator Malcolm Roberts changed from $5 to $3.

According to the odds, a One Nation win is more likely in the seats of Ipswich and Lockyer than in Buderim, home of One Nation state party leader Steve Dickson.

Sports Bet's Will Byrne says, in Ipswich, One Nation had attracted more money than any other party.

In Ipswich West, One Nation's odds have dropped from $7.50 to $5 with Labor maintaining the position of favourite at $1.20 well ahead of the LNP's $18.

Mr Byrne said the money being put on One Nation showed punters were willing to take a punt on the outsider at this election, but it didn't necessarily translate as a win at the polls.

"What we have seen in the past couple of years is that people are seeing there is a change in the political landscape and they are taking a chance on that air of change by taking a punt on the outsider," Mr Byrne said.

"The closer we get to the actual election, I think we will see more money flowing to the two major parties.

"One Nation is the one to watch as they fight for seats in their home state."


The Odds

Key seats where One Nation has an endorsed candidate;



One Nation: Steve Dickson, $4.50

LNP: Brent Mickelberg, $1.17 (favourite)

ALP: Elaine Hughes, $26

Sports Bet says One Nation is the best backed by punters to win this seat, although there has been some money put behind the LNP.



One Nation: Jane Truscott, $3.60

LNP: David Batt, $3.50

ALP: Leanne Donaldson, $1.72 (favourite)

Sports Bet says the LNP has the best backing so far, but that's only slightly ahead of One Nation with little to no money put on Labour despite its candidate being the favourite.



One Nation: Sam Cox, $4.50

LNP: Dale Last, $1.17 (favourite)

ALP: Mike Brunker, $26

All the money coming in from punters has been put on a Labor Party win in this seat.


One Nation: Jim Savage, $2.60

LNP: Jim McDonald, $1.50 (favourite)

ALP: $17

One Nation is again the best backed by punters in this seat.


Mount Ommaney

One Nation: Ian Eurgarde, $34

LNP: Tarnya Smith, $2.50

ALP: Jessica Pugh, $1.50 (favourite)

The two main parties are getting all the attention from punters with the LNP the best backed so far, ahead of favourite the ALP.



One Nation: Malcolm Charlwood, $7.50

LNP: Matthew Derlagen, $3.40

ALP: Coralee O'Rourke, $1.45 (favourite)

Punters have backed the LNP in this seat with little money flowing to a One Nation win.



One Nation: Greg Fahey, $21

LNP: Simone Wilson, $2

Independent: Rick Williams -

ALP: $1.75

A tight race between the two major parties but so far eight times more money has been out behind an LNP win over Labor.



One Nation: Malcolm Roberts, $3

ALP: Jennifer Howard, $1.20

Punters have put more money on a One Nation win, than any other party.



One Nation: James Hansen, $4.50

ALP: Bruce Sanders, $1.83

Punters have again backed One Nation in this seat.