A still from PSY's video clip for 'Daddy'.
A still from PSY's video clip for 'Daddy'.

Is PSY's new song 'Daddy' as catchy as Gangnam Style?

IT IS equal parts horrifying and catchy -- exactly what you would expect from the latest track from Korean pop legend PSY.

After encouraging the entire world to learn a few choice Korean words and learn a very simple choreographed dance, PSY is back with his new hit 'Daddy'.

With the chorus, "I got it from my Daddy", the singer pulls out all his classic moves -- his face super-imposed on an infant, a schoolboy, an old man and a ballroom dancer.

The video has already notched up more than 1 million views since being released overnight.


Some of the best lyrics:

"You'll be my curry, I'll be your rice".

"I be your honey, never expire".