Prostitute tied up and robbed

A COURT has banned a married Dalby man from using prostitution services after he allegedly tied up and robbed a prostitute in Toowoomba.

Mark Anthony Sewell, 45, appeared in the Dalby Magistrates Court yesterday charged with deprivation of liberty and robbery with violence.

Police claim Sewell met with a 31-year-old prostitute at a Hume St residence on Monday, tied her up with rope and robbed her of cash about 1.10pm.

The Asian woman ran outside shouting for help after the offender sped away.

Detectives arrested Sewell at his Dalby residence and charged him later that afternoon.

He was held in custody and applied for bail in court yesterday.

The court heard Sewell denied the deprivation of liberty charge, but had made some admissions to police.

Magistrate Matthew McLaughlin noted Sewell had “habitually” engaged with prostitutes in the recent past.

The court was told Sewell's wife only discovered his infidelity after he was arrested.

Magistrate McLaughlin granted Sewell bail with strict conditions.

He is prohibited from contacting the victim and cannot travel to Toowoomba with the exception of court appearances.

Sewell is also prohibited from using any escort agency, brothel, massage parlour, or prostitute services.

The case was adjourned to the Toowoomba Magistrates Court on August 23.