Promising signs ahead of Gold Coast Commonwealth Games

A DELEGATION from the Sunshine Coast Council and Sunshine Coast Sports Federation is currently in Auckland, New Zealand.

They are meeting with key sports people, in particular, delegates who are attending the Commonwealth Games Assembly.

Led by Councillor Jason O'Pray and Sunshine Coast Sports Federation chairperson Benny Pike, the delegation is promoting the Sunshine Coast as an ideal venue for Commonwealth sports teams in the lead-up to the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

This is a key strategy of the Sunshine Coast in embracing 2018 Committee, to ensure there is a legacy for the Sunshine Coast from these games.

This year saw the Sports Federation conduct the first Commonwealth Sport and Cultural Festival, held from March to May, involving more than 10 endorsed sport events.

The delegation will be talking to the sports representatives at the assembly in order to help expand the festival by attracting more overseas teams and participants from the Pacific region to attend various sporting events.

The Sunshine Coast has excellent sport venues, expertise, volunteers and a superb climate to make this an attractive region to aclimatise for 2018 Games.

The delegation will be working hard in promoting these benefits to Commonwealth Games sports representatives attending the meeting in Auckland.

Already, Team Scotland has shown considerable interest in basing itself on the Sunshine Coast in the immediate lead-up to and during the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

Sunshine Coast Council staff, in consultation with the executive officer of the Sports Federation, is planning a schedule for 20 Team Scotland Commonwealth Games sports leaders who are visiting the Sunshine Coast in early November.

This is a wonderful opportunity to have one of the top four Commonwealth Games teams based here for a number of weeks.

This would also be a great benefit to the Sunshine Coast local sports community as Team Scotland's respective sport teams would be using and interacting with local association facilities and personnel.

We look forward to the delegation's return and report on the success of this very important New Zealand visit.

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