The proposed development land site on Noosa North Shore.
The proposed development land site on Noosa North Shore.

Private wave pool may sink under green concerns

A development application for a house accommodating just 12 guests with a 4000 sqm wave pool could be sunk by council planners, largely on environmental grounds.

The proposal at Beach Rd by Teatree Property Pty Ltd has already attracted two objections ahead of Noosa Council considerations next week.

Council planning staff have recommended councillors refuse the application based on the previous council’s desire for low-key development.

You can’t live here – battle brews over site plans

SURF’S UP: Council assesses proposed wave pool application

The plan of the wave pool and its location to the house.
The plan of the wave pool and its location to the house.

A planning report to be considered ahead of next week’s meeting said the proposal was not consistent with the desired outcomes for Noosa’s tourism industry set out in the Noosa Plan.

The plan’s aim is to “encourage tourism based on Noosa’s natural assets to enhance the understanding of Noosa’s environmental values”.

“The proposal is also not consistent with the expectations of the community, which anticipates that the area will retain its primary role as a coastal area largely dedicated to conservation, where development is secondary to and dominated by its open space setting.

“The lagoon/wave pool component of the development would result in adverse impacts on the environmental values of the area, with the proposal to clear at least 1.3ha of threatened species habitat of high value regrowth vegetation,” the report said.

Planning staff highlighted the potential for pollution of wetland with high ecological values through the disposal of waste water.

“The proposal to fill the lagoon/wave pool via natural rainfall is not considered viable, and would likely result in relying on a supplementary water source, requiring water to be delivered to the site by truck,” the report said.

This may be a proposed two bedroom house but the applicant says it will accommodate 12 guests.
This may be a proposed two bedroom house but the applicant says it will accommodate 12 guests.

“The potential for up to 300 water deliveries would place undue pressure on existing North Shore infrastructure including the road network and ferry service.

“The subject site is identified as one of only five dedicated undeveloped visitor accommodation sites left in Noosa Shire.”

The land is also one of only two sites specifically dedicated to low impact visitor accommodation on Noosa North Shore.

“The development of the site for a single dwelling only is not consistent with the outcomes sought for the site to support Noosa’s tourism economy,” the report said.

“The planning scheme’s intent for tourism within the shire is also to encourage tourism based on Noosa’s natural assets … the climate, the beaches, national parks and bushland etc and/or providing educational or learning experiences that promote or enhance understanding of Noosa’s environmental values.”

The report said the proposed lagoon/wave pool also “does not have any direct connection with the environmental or scenic values of the site” and, if approved, “is likely to adversely impact on the amenity of visitors and residents on the Noosa North Shore”.


The application seeks approval for a material change of use for visitor accommodation – Type 3 Rural. The proposal includes a 327 sqm, two-storey, 2 bedroom dwelling and a 4000 sqm lagoon/wave pool.

The applicant states that the lagoon/wave pool is for the use of guests of the dwelling only, and is not proposed to be opened up to the general public for use.

The dwelling, located in the south western corner of the site, includes living spaces, a games room and two bathrooms on the ground floor, and two bedrooms, two ensuites and a kitchen/living area on the upper level.

The proposed lagoon/wave pool is located in the south eastern corner of the site, approximately 180 metres from the proposed dwelling.