Energex plans outages for maintenance at Caloundra, Burnside and Shelly Beach on Friday.
Energex plans outages for maintenance at Caloundra, Burnside and Shelly Beach on Friday. Patrick Woods

Power outages to hit Coast suburbs during heatwave

ENERGEX plans to continue with scheduled power outages on the Coast despite concerns from residents about managing hot weather.

A Sunshine Coast Daily reader voiced their concerns online about a planned outage for maintenance work between 8am and 3pm at Burnside on Friday.

The Bureau of Meteorology predicts Nambour's temperature to reach 36 degrees that day.

"How dangerous would that be for public health and safety?" the reader wrote.

"Please say you are postponing this work until the heatwave cools off."

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An Energex spokesman said 61 Burnside customers would be affected by the work.

A further 260 Shelly Beach customers and 12 Caloundra customers will also be affected by planned outages on Friday.

The temperature is expected to reach 34 degrees there.

"Network maintenance is an integral part of running such a large grid and, by proactively undertaking jobs such as this, it prevents more widespread and unexpected outages at a later time due to equipment failure," he said.

"As for consideration due to heat, summer in south east Queensland commonly sees temperatures 30 degrees and beyond and, as planned maintenance is a continual and daily process, Energex generally continues with the program for electricity reliability and network security reasons."

He said maintenance jobs were organised months in advance and required everything from crew and material allocation to planned switching sheets prepared for the control centre.

"Energex also has to consider peak road traffic times for many works as we may impact on road access for some maintenance work, and we also have to consider noise time limits when planning and scheduling maintenance work."

He said Energex undertook thousands of planned work jobs each year and always aimed to minimise the length of time outages were required.

"In fact these jobs and planned outages occur every single day year-round on the Sunshine Coast.

"While we always give at least four business days' notice to allow people to make arrangements for an outage in most cases we aim to give much more notice.

"Additionally, while we post an outage time between 8am and 3/3.30pm this is generally a worst case scenario and we always aim to have it completed sooner where possible."