Powderfinger’s reunion rocks Australia


The musical reunion Australia has been waiting for not only happened at exactly the right time, but on a medium where the whole country could enjoy it at once.

It took a global pandemic to get Powderfinger back together after a decade - if not in the same room.

Performing on YouTube was a masterstroke - no one could complain about them not coming to their town or missing out on tickets.

A remarkable 90,000 fans were watching it live, enough to fill a virtual stadium.

With the band members, like their fans, spread across Australia, an isolated reunion was necessary but after 10 years waiting, you take whatever you are given.

Opening with Bless My Soul, the chemistry was there instantly.

Over the last few months we've become used to the Brady Bunch split-screen approach to watching concerts.

Bernard Fanning during Powderfinger's
Bernard Fanning during Powderfinger's "One Night Lonely" concert.



This one was filmed professionally, with top notch sound and mixing.

Sure it was prerecorded so not happening live as you were watching, but it's a technical nightmare to have five musicians perform together remotely.

We needed it to sound amazing and it did.

"We're here to put some smiles on faces," Bernard Fanning said.

That was no problem - tearing into Sunsets, My Happiness and On My Mind straight off the bat, with drummer Jon Coghill noting the latter was "a hard one."


Powderfinger's "One Night Lonely" concert wasn’t long enough.



Powderfinger's "One Night Lonely" concert was watched by thousands.


It was a fantasy free mini greatest hits show (with viewers just asked to donate to Support Act and Beyond Blue) including Already Gone and Thrilloilogy.

And the banter was there between the members "It's an absolute bloody pleasure to be playing with these boys again albeit from afar," Darren Middleton noted from Melbourne.


The band online during Powderfinger's
The band online during Powderfinger's "One Night Lonely" concert.


The only problem - it was too short. We got These Days and it was all over after just 40 glorious minutes.

However it was the quick hit of joy we didn't see coming but absolutely needed.

It wasn't just the sound of their glory days, it was the sound of a door being opened.

They're still friends, people still adore the songs and once we can get back into live venues, they could fill any one anywhere in the country.

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