FAREWELL: Powderfinger bassist John Collins.
FAREWELL: Powderfinger bassist John Collins. DAVE HUNT-AAP

Powderfinger bassist not happy with lockout laws

HE'S PLAYED for two decades in one of the biggest Australian bands of all time.

They emerged through a golden era for Brisbane music, but former Powderfinger bassist John Collins fears the new lockout laws may bring an end to the golden years of music in the river city.

Mr Collins is the owner of Newstead venue The Triffid, a venue unaffected by the recent legislation.

His interest in the matter is driven out of his love of music and his loyalty to the music industry in the city he and the band called home.

"Unfortunately i think we've just got to wait and see how it goes," he said, deflated.

He thought the new legislation would prove detrimental to the music scene not just in Brisbane, but throughout the rest of the state.

"There's no evidence to suggest lockout laws actually work," he said.

He argued that the bulk of the violence took place in taxi lines and having people dumped onto the streets or locked out of venues at the same time would not solve the problem.

Education was an area he would like to see more priority given.

Mr Collins said one of the biggest points of frustration for him was what he considered a lack of discussion between QMusic and the State Government until very late in the piece.

He said the laws treated music venues unfairly and showed a lack of understanding of the dynamic.

"Music venues are very safe by nature," he said.

He said the legislation would put a dent in plans to have Brisbane renowned as a music city and may even drive talent elsewhere.

"Potentially. Why wouldn't you move to Melbourne? They're embracing it down there," he said.

He pointed to the large number of venues that had closed in Kings Cross since late-night legislation was passed in New South Wales, which sparked a widespread social media campaign against the Baird Government's legislation.

"The music industry could be shrunk, that's a worry," the experienced bass player said.