Member for Kawana Jarrod Bleijie.
Member for Kawana Jarrod Bleijie. Patrick Woods

Pollies refuse to learn

WHEN will politicians ever learn?

Kawana MP Jarrod Bleijie cut his political teeth in the heart of the federal seat of Fisher where Peter Slipper's flagrant draw on parliamentarian "entitlements" should have provided a salutary lesson to any representative of what the community they serve would find acceptable.

He is now in the position of having to justify charging Queenslanders $440 for him to stay two nights in accommodation at Marcoola, less than 30 minutes from his home.

It passes no test - pub or otherwise - for Mr Bleijie to now slag off at the Labor Party and mouth platitudes about "good policy development" as explanation for why he didn't just go home to bed.

Mr Bleijie has surely had enough time in politics to understand his explanation for charging the state's purse $207.64 to hire a car to go to the Gold Coast when he was already provided with an electorate vehicle also doesn't cut the mustard.

His claim the purpose was not for electorate travel, but for his role as a shadow minister, simply underscores why voters are tuning out and have stopped listening to politicians whose own needs, and in this case it would appear prestige, are front and centre to their concern.

Gold Coast LNP MP John-Paul Langbroek has agreed to pay back a number of claims he made to stay in hotels about a 20-minute drive from his home.

Mr Bleijie would be wise to do the same.

Do we need to crack down on benefits for politicians?

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