C-Square, Nambour.
C-Square, Nambour. Che Chapman

Politics at its worst

KNEE-jerk reactions and how people feel about things rather than what is actually happening are in danger of creating a disturbing new reality if left unchecked.

The gratuitous attacks via social media on a C-Square Nambour cafe, which had the misfortune to become the backdrop to the One Nation Party's press conference last Friday, are the actions of modern-day vigilantes.

Rather than wait for the facts to emerge, One Nation supporters instead have created their own reality and decided - based on nothing more than the most circumstantial of evidence - that the cafe owner was responsible for centre management asking the political and media circus to find somewhere else to conduct an interview.

They have since sent derogatory emails, left rude messages on answering machines and begun to write false reviews to drag down the cafe's star rating on social media sites. The behaviour is deplorable and has more the hallmarks of uncontrolled mob rule than any link to the decency and fairness we should all expect of people genuinely engaged in the processes of democracy.

The media circus entered C-Square without the authority of centre management which, when it discovered what was happening, politely asked them to move elsewhere. To have done otherwise would have opened the space to each and any political party that wished to do the same and led to claims of favouritism and bias if refused.

Small business is tough enough without having to deal with this type of nonsense.