Police found these love letters after several break and enters in the region.
Police found these love letters after several break and enters in the region.

Police solve mystery of antique love letters

AN OFFENDER was arrested by Bundaberg CIB for a number of break and enter offences within the area.

At the time of arrest he was in possession of a bundle of personal letters dating back to 1913.

He could not remember where he got the letters from and as they were clearly not his, they were confiscated.



A review of property exhibits revealed that the letters were no longer needed but as yet no owner had been identified.

After some keen detective work by a Bundaberg administration officer together with assistance from the Mundubbera Librarian, the author of the letters was identified as Mr Frank McCauley.

Mr McCauley was a very prominent resident of Mundubbera and played a crucial role in the history of that town.

Mr McCauley was not only a well-known businessman and local identity, but was involved in numerous organisations and for a time was the Mundubbera Mayor.

In 1914, Frank married Lillian. These letters were written by Frank to Lillian prior to their marriage.

Over time they were passed down through the family until they were inherited by Frank's great granddaughter Natalie.

It was at this time that they made their way into the hands of our offender.

Earlier this month Natalie, who now lives in Southern Queensland, was contacted and told about their existence.

An appreciative Natalie replied "I am so amazed that these have been found, we are very grateful to have them returned as they are very precious."

While unfortunately we are not always so lucky and able to reunite property with its rightful owner, it is wonderful to see that this love story can live on for future generations.