Police urge residents to obey the road rules.
Police urge residents to obey the road rules.

Driver causes motorcycle rider to fall off bike

A MOTORCYCLIST was lucky to escape a Charleville intersection with their life after a driver failed to give way, sparking a serious warning from police.

The rider came off his bike and suffered serious injuries when he attempted to avoid a motorist that had driven through the Sturt St intersection, an incident that has ignited a stern warning from Charleville police officers.

Charleville police sergeant Mark Everitt said it was an example of how quickly a life could be taken on the roads if rules were not obeyed.

"Road safety has been an issue with charges laid against a Charleville resident recently after they have allegedly failed to give way at an intersection on Sturt St causing a motorcycle rider to fall from his bike onto the roadway," he said.

"The rider sustained significant injuries however the outcome could have been much worse."

Sgt Everitt said the driver will face court in Charleville at the end of July, but warned officers would be out in force to clamp down on the bad driver behaviour that had emerged in town.

"Charleville police have also noticed there has been a fast and loose application of the concept of giving way displayed by many drivers in the town area," he said.

He said the motorcycle incident highlighted the serious consequences to poor driving

"Police will continue to be vigilant in the enforcement of the road rules and we urge all drivers to be considerate of other road users, keep a proper lookout, take your time and ensure that when proceeding through intersections, you do so in a controlled and safe manner."