A police car flipped at Pomona on Sunday after hitting a roundabout.
A police car flipped at Pomona on Sunday after hitting a roundabout.

Police car flips at Pomona

A POLICEMAN aged in his 30s was not seriously injured after flipping his police vehicle at Pomona on Sunday.

A QPS spokesman said despite social media comments to the contrary, the police officer was not involved in a high speed chase at the time.

“The confusion there is that there was no pursuit or chase,” he said.

“The officer had attempted to pull over another vehicle and during the course of that action, that’s when he’s hit the roundabout and the police vehicle has flipped.

“Thankfully he was not seriously injured. He walked away from the crash.”

The accident occurred in the Cudgerie Estate.

Krissy Pearce, who snapped the photo above, said: “The police officer was in shock but he’s okay.”

Social media comments posted on the Cooroy and Noosa Community Boards suggested the police officer was in pursuit of children on bikes at the time.

However, that is incorrect, according to police.

The spokesman said the police vehicle sustained “significant damage”.

“We will investigate the crash.”

One comment online suggested QPS should return to driving Fords and Holdens.

“Another reason why the force should have stuck with Fords and Holdens … the nation has proved that we can launch those things over any roundabout and still pull up in the driveway,” said Gary Herbet.