WARNING: Fraser Island dingoes are active over the peal holiday period.
WARNING: Fraser Island dingoes are active over the peal holiday period. Kingfisher Bay Resort

Plea to keep families dingo-safe on Fraser Island

AS THE Easter onslaught of visitors arrives at K'Gari or Fraser Island, dingo supporters are reminding the holiday hordes to not put themselves at risk from interactions with these wild inhabitants.

Cheryl Bryant, of Save Fraser Island Dingoes, is urging the influx of families to be mindful of the rules surrounding no feeding of these dogs and for people to stay vigilant and aware of their surroundings.

Ms Bryant said families with children preferably stay in fenced areas and they should be within arms reach at all times.

"Don't harass the animals ... that is, throw sand, sticks or chase them. Don't get out of your vehicle, observe from a distance,” she said.

"We hope that tourists enjoy their holidays but respect the fact that K'gari is a wilderness and encounters with wildlife can be part of that wilderness experience.

"We cannot expect the animals to change their behaviour to accommodate the hordes of visitors, therefore it is the respon- sibility of the visitor to avoid negative encounters.”

Ms Bryant said visitors should consider it a privilege to see a dingo and "remember any interaction with them could lead to their destruction”.

"If you see anyone acting inappropriately take a photo or video if possible and report to Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.”

She said dingo welfare is everyone's responsibility.