ALL AT SEA: Debbie Pitura and Ruth Montgomery in Bow Wave.
ALL AT SEA: Debbie Pitura and Ruth Montgomery in Bow Wave. CONTRIBUTED

Play ditches captain's table for buffet of laughs

IN THEATRE, you can take reality too far.

Real food is generally to be avoided.

If you have a meal on stage, you're faced with dispensing with the aftermath and a short blackout isn't helpful, leading frequently to punctuation by falling crockery.

Finish the meal scene at interval or final curtain and you're on fairly safe ground.

But remember with food reality, there's also inherent danger for the cast.

I well recall a Sunshine Coast one-act play competition in which the director decided it would be a great move to religiously follow the script and serve a banquet-style, somewhat-spicy dinner.

Competition rules set a minimum performance time of 35 minutes and a max of 50.

In rehearsal, the play had consistently timed out at just under 45 minutes, but heating, serving, eating time wasn't stop-watched.

After all, it was happening within the play so it was already accounted for.

The result: the play ran for an hour and 10, which null-and-voided its chance at a gong.

By mid-play, two of the cast were feeling great discomfort in the flatulence department, to the point of drifting off-script and self-consciously waving about menus, made into hand-fans.

Plus for the next two days, the theatre (non-air-conditioned back then), retained a curry-like waft, despite massive attacks with vanilla essence.

In recalling all this, it's been decided that real food will be a no-no for the Indee's May-June comedy Bow Wave, although a bit strong on dining at sea.

Set on a luxury cruise-liner, the cast is a cracker, including Joy Marshall, Debbie Pitura, Carol Burls, Ruth Montgomery, Bill Hastings, Jurgen Beschorner and Dunia Tarrant.

The season is 7.30pm Saturdays and 2pm Sundays afternoons, on May 27 and 28, and June 3, 4, 10 and 11.

Tickets are $25, concessions $23, Theatre Club $20.

The Indee is at the School of Arts Hall, Yandina. Book on 5472 8200.