GREEN WALL: Ayden and Jess’s vertical garden from The Block Triple Threat featured an old Melbourne Cricket Ground gate.
GREEN WALL: Ayden and Jess’s vertical garden from The Block Triple Threat featured an old Melbourne Cricket Ground gate. Photos Contributed

DIY: Add some green to your inner-city living

WHAT a massive week. The finale of The Block really didn't disappoint on Wednesday night. Congratulations to the Novocastrians Shay and Dean, who pocketed a whopping $755,000. Wow!

Jess and I were privileged enough to be asked along by our good mates from Western Australia, Luke and Ebony.

When you first get on The Block, Scotty (who is an absolute legend, by the way) says welcome to the family and that's exactly what happens. You meet the greatest people.

Going back to Melbourne got me thinking though, all these inner-city apartments with no backyards or small courtyards really don't seem up everyone's alley, especially ours.

Living on the Gold Coast, we've always had a vegie garden and back lawn.

But there are ways to live with greenery even in tight spaces. Check out our terrace from our series of The Block. We used an amazing wall garden set up which was so easy to put up, set up and is pretty much maintenance free.

Step 1: Choose your product

WE CHOSE a garden called Florafelt by Fytogreen as it was readily available and it comes with the watering pipes preinstalled, which saved us some time. You can even order them with plants pre-installed.

Step 2: Measure up

THIS particular product has 12 pockets and is 810mm in length and 610mm high. So decide on your area's length and height and you can work out how many panels are required.

Step 3: Installation

TAKE a level, tape measure and a pencil and mark out on your wall the position of the panels. Hold the first panel up inside your pencil line and mark the two top loops - they hold the top of your panel. Then using a hammer drill with a 6mm masonry bit, drill two holes about 60mm deep. Now hammer in the green star plugs with a hammer. Using a drill with a Philips bit, attach the panel with the 40mm screws. That is your starting point, simply continue until all panels are up.

Step 4. Connecting the water

NOW that all the panels are up, simply connect all the 6mm brown pipe from one panel to the other using the connectors, so they all line up. Keep one end unconnected - this should be tied in a knot. On the other end connect the pipes to a timer, these are readily available from your local nursery. It is cheaper to buy a good quality timer from your nursery than a garden wall supplier and the staff will be able to talk you through what plants are best for the wall. I found that the plants in the lower sleeves were getting more water than the top because the water runs down through all the pockets.

Step 5. Planting

WE PLANTED about 656 plants in one night - when I say 'we', I mean Jess. We put three plants per pocket so it looked nice and full instantly, but when we purchased the plants we broke them up, so we got two plants out of one pot. Every pocket comes with an inner wrap with instructions on how to fold them up. You will need some slow release fertiliser, as well as some high quality potting mix. You will be amazed at the transformation of your terrace, courtyard or even foyer.

Ayden and Jess Hogan won The Block Triple Threat and Reno Rumble this year. Follow them as they build their dream home on Facebook, visit AydenAndJess.


  •  Tape measure  
  •  Pencil  
  •  6mm masonry bit  
  •  Hammer drill  
  •  Hammer


  •  Vertical wall panel product of your choice  
  •  Green star plugs  
  •  Potting mix  
  •  Plants  
  •  Fertiliser  
  •  Timer