The overhead view of 111 Lake Weyba Dr in Noosaville whose owners are now seeking a 12 lot subdivision.
The overhead view of 111 Lake Weyba Dr in Noosaville whose owners are now seeking a 12 lot subdivision.

Plans for Noosaville subdivision beside national park

An application to subdivide a two-hectare Lake Weyba Dr block adjoining national park has raised Noosa Council concerns over the 700-721sq m lot sizes and a need for 50m fire breaks.

An information request sent by council planners to applicant Linke & Linke Surveys Pty Ltd has asked for amended plans to be submitted with 1000sq m land parcels without increasing the development area.

According to council planning records, the owners of the land zoned detached housing and open space conservation is Linke Nominees Pty Ltd with Alistair, James and Robert Linke listed as company directors.

The site has a house, several sheds and a pool along with bushland on its western section.

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The council believes the smaller lots do not "properly consider bushfire, flooding, the natural environmental values of the site".

Linke's response maintains these sizes are appropriate and "represents a continuity of the pattern and character of the surrounding properties".

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The applicant's planning consultant Blake Bell of Murray and Associates said the 1000sq m lots are not required as the 700 sqm plus sizing will sufficiently address all site constraints and offer "high levels of amenity suited to the locality".

As for the 50m fire break request, Mr Bell said all but one of the lots is separated from the national park by pathway and road reserve at a greater distance than multiple house sites to the north.

"There is a 15m clear fire trail between the site boundary and the edge of vegetation within the national park providing even greater separation," he said.

Linke's planning report said while the site contains areas of high potential bushfire intensity, the reinstatement of a firebreak trail and maintaining existing trails would reduce the bushfire risk for the development site to "at least a likely - tolerable level".

"There will be an adequate supply of water available for firefighting purposes," the report said.

The report said the proposed development is representative of a logical infill subdivision and provides for the establishment of a functional urban development close to a range of essential services and recreational facilities.

It recommends a fauna management plan to provide environmental protection during construction and the use of an experienced fauna spotter for vegetation clearing.

Landscaping would use local native flora species to retain "stepping stone and island habitat for local fauna" as well as conservation covenants over bushland on the western side of the block.

A request by Sunshine Coast Daily to Linke & Linke Surveys for comment was declined.