Noosa council candidate Amelia Lorentson.
Noosa council candidate Amelia Lorentson.

Planning changes? ‘They must wait until after elections’

YET another voice has been added to the chorus of calls to delay Wednesday’s special New Noosa Plan meeting in Noosa Council.

Council candidate Amelia Lorentson said after her campaign launch at the Reef Hotel “there are too many complex legal issues and economic ramifications that have not been properly considered”.

“The New Noosa plan needs to be resubmitted for review for the next elected council,” she said.

“The Noosa Council seems to have its own definition of community consultation.

“That is, community consultation is ‘when the government tells you what it is going to do’.”

Ms Lorentson said more than 600 submissions made to Noosa Council opposed the proposed changes. She is urging the community to sign the petition seeking a delay in the planning vote.

Her two key election messages are “restoring trust in Noosa Council” and “listening to the community”.

“I love this community and I am tired of the way it is being represented,” she said.

“The residents are not informed, they do not know what is happening and what they say, simply does not matter.”

She wants to decisions in residents’ best interests and her commitments to the Noosa people include:

Protecting the lifestyle and environment of Noosa, while retaining low rise urban development.

Encouraging and supporting creative and small businesses.

Council to request the State to review its divisional boundaries to stop the possibility of all councillors coming from one area.

A focus on better traffic management and parking and improving roads and footpath maintenance, plus prioritising what upgrades of roads are most important to the community.

Recognition of the importance of tourism to the local economy and accepting that the emergence of short-term rentals in residential areas will need to be managed to protect residential amenity and the community.

Ensuring that the hinterland gets its fair share of resources, including traffic and transport solutions for rural areas, while encouraging hinterland tourism.

Promotion of excellence in the arts, architecture and design.