Eager fan plants kiss on Johnny Depp

Teens suffering post Johnny Depp blues after encounter

TEENS who met a Hollywood movie star last week say they are having trouble coming down from a "Johnny Depp high".

Depp spent hours rubbing shoulders with fans on Monday and Tuesday night after filming scenes for Pirates of the Caribbean 5, on the Hastings Point set.

Residents gushed about his cheeky demeanour as Captain Jack Sparrow, and those who hugged the pirate said they "couldn't sleep" for days afterwards.

"Everyone is kind of starstruck at the moment," said Tandia Magennis, 17, of Pottsville.

The good news is symptoms of fandom should naturally resolve in the next few months.

According to psychology lecturer Dr Jim Donnelly of Southern Cross University, Tweed's teens "don't need treatment for Johnny Depp fever".

"If they're caught up in this exhilaration of meeting someone who is very famous, who is kind to them, that is a very cool thing," Dr Donnelly said.

"Teenagers are trying to figure out if they're valuable or not, and for an amazing character like Cpt Jack Sparrow - a super hero - to choose to talk to them would feel very good."

Moving on from the celebrity encounter may be harder for some than others.

Johnny Depp is pashed by Cabarita's Whitney Aldridge
Johnny Depp is pashed by Cabarita's Whitney Aldridge Contributed

Whitney Aldridge of Cabarita kissed the man once voted the World's Most Sexiest Man Alive, after waiting in a queue of fans at the entrance of the headland for three hours.

"At the same time I just felt the urge to give him a kiss, as my love for him is beyond words," Ms Aldridge said.

"It all just happened so quickly, I grabbed his face and next thing I know my lips were touching his check and a dreadlock, it was absolutely amazing.

"Johnny said: 'Bless your heart, you're not shy'.

"I was speechless and just kept thanking him for the opportunity I had shared with him. I ran away with the biggest smile on my face.

"He is one of the most handsome, gentle, caring, appreciative celebrities I have ever met."

Ms Aldridge is considering a raft of lucrative kiss-and-tell media deals following her 'kiss video' going viral on the internet.