SPORTS LOVER: Benny Pike is off to Hong Kong to call the Rio Olympics for a TV station.
SPORTS LOVER: Benny Pike is off to Hong Kong to call the Rio Olympics for a TV station. John McCutcheon

Pike to go bonkers calling games in Honkers

Pike’s call-up

FORMER Olympic boxer and Sunshine Coast Sports Federation chief Benny Pike is set to go bonkers in Honkers, getting the call-up to commentate for an English-speaking TV station during the Rio games.

Getting an opportunity to commentate on the Olympics is a dream for a sports fanatic like Pike. Instead of travelling to Rio, he will call the action directly off the screen in a Hong Kong television studio, with the broadcast and call set to be beamed to English speaking stations across Asia. Pike said he’d likely be calling the boxing, triathlon and potentially, kayaking.

Sophie likes this

COAST surfer Sophie McCulloch won’t only be vying for WSL Qualifying Series points when she heads to America next week, the teenager will be able to also spend some time with family, with her sister recently picking-up a gig working for social media giants Facebook.

“She just applied and went through the interview process and got the job,” McCulloch said.

Sophie McCulloch.
Sophie McCulloch. DEV LAHEY

Worrying signs?

Former Origin player and Falcons CEO Chris Flannery’s flashback to Game III 2006 should signal some worrying signs for the Maroons.

The Maroons started a decade of dominance by beating NSW in the dying moments in the decider. He said Queensland was confident for the future with some “promising players” like Inglis, Thaiday and Thurston coming through the ranks. Did we see a similar scenario on Wednesday night with Tedesco, Moylan and Bird playing a leading role in the Blues’ only win this year?