Chis Hemsworth and Kelly Slater have a well-documented 'bromance' going on.
Chis Hemsworth and Kelly Slater have a well-documented 'bromance' going on.

Photo of Kelly Slater on top of Chris Hemsworth goes viral

IT'S the image that's set to break the internet today.

Hollywood leading man and the Northern Rivers' most popular resident, Chris Hemsworth, is attracting attention to his already popular Instagram account with an image posted earlier today.

The post shows American pro surfer Kelly Slater piggy backing Hemsworth, while in some sort of lock out position.

The Thor actor used his trademark sense of humour in the social media post.

"It may look like Kelly Slater has the upper hand here, but basically I used my Jedi mind tricks and endless patience and waited till (sic) his little tiny arms grew tired then immediately reversed the position and gained complete control until he crumbed under my powers... maybe," he posted.

Kelly Slater then replied to the post saying "you drop in on me at surf ranch, this is what happens. Let your cronies know, Chris!"

Surf Ranch is located in Leemore, California, at Kelly Slater Wave Company, and it's regarded as the best artificial wave pool in the world.

His ultimate dream is to design a surf pool that allows surfers to ride waves indefinitely.

The Surf Ranch relies on a unique system of hydrofoils that make the artificial waves rise up over the rectangular pool.

Slater and Kelly have had a notorious 'bromance' happening for years.

Last year alone, they were spotted surfing together at Fiji and in Byron Bay.

It is not clear from the post when the image was taken, but based on the actor's tradition of posting images that are only a couple of days old, it is possible it was snapped a couple of days before Hemsworth started his media tour for the release of Avenger : Infinity War, which opened in cinemas yesterday.