YOUR SAY: Petrol not expensive enough

Petrol prices, in my opinion, should be far more expensive.

The current petrol prices do not actually represent the real cost of filling up, which should factor in the extinction of many plant and animal species, sea level rises, extreme weather events, air pollution, etc.

It is alarming to note (yet not surprising) to see that the USA has one of the world's cheapest petrol prices. Petrol is around $1.15 (AUD) a litre.

This is thanks to Trump's relaxed attitude to environmental policy and the country's love affair with the motor car.

Europe is leading the way with high petrol prices designed to force people to make alternatives to driving everywhere.

The public transport in most European countries is so superior to the rest of the world that it is possible to live, work and travel without a car, and henceforth, car ownership in some countries (like Denmark) is actually on the decline.

Meanwhile, Australia leads the world in large, SUV fuel-guzzling vehicles per capita thanks to ineffectual public transport, poor governmental planning coupled with a lack of environmental policy around vehicle use, and like the USA, Australians have a love affair with the car.