Petersen walks out on forum following "rudeness"

DOCTOR Patricia Petersen has walked out of Wednesday night's packed community candidates' forum after demanding respect from the audience, while her rival for the mayoralty of Noosa Noel Playford insisted he is no Noosa Parks Association puppet.

This was both candidates' last community-audition for the top job and early in her address, Dr Petersen put the Noosa Christian Outreach Centre crowd of up to 800 voters firmly on notice.

Dr Petersen first reacted to audible audience noise, mostly groans or laughter, when speaking about one of her previous financial roles of rescuing councils from financial bankruptcy.

 "I am going to say if I am exposed to rudeness tonight, I am taking my leave," she said.

"I have come here in good faith, out of respect for this community, but I also demand respect from each and every one of you and I will leave immediately, if I'm not shown that respect."

Two of the councillor candidates, who belong to Dr Petersen's Australian Independents party, Janene Maxwell-Jones and Adam Presnell, failed to show for the forum along with Pomona candidate Paul Lowe.

"Janene Maxwell-Jones is not here tonight because she has been threatened, as has Adam Presnell and I support them in boycotting this event because of that," Dr Petersen said.

"But I will not be disrespected tonight."

Dr Petersen made good her promise to leave five minutes before the scheduled 8pm close of questioning.

This was after sections of the crowd showed displeasure at anti de-amalgamation campaigner Jeff Nuske asking to pledge that a council led by her council "will not be manipulated or controlled by unelected groups or individuals".

"Absolutely. And I'd like to say please, can every one please show some respect. We're here at a community...," she said.

When parts of the crowd continued to groan, Dr Petersen, said she would leave.

"Before I go though, Mr Nuske, I apologise for the rudeness demonstrated to you.

"I fully support the whole of the community supporting policies, practices and having input into council and I don't believe anyone group, (or) political party should have control of the council or undue influence over it."