Dr Patricia Petersen.
Dr Patricia Petersen.

Petersen calls on Playford for Noosa Mayoral debate

MAYORAL candidate for Noosa Dr Patricia Petersen has once again called on Noel Playford to "pick a date and time" and to debate her.

Dr Petersen said that the community wanted an objective debate between both mayoral candidates, that it should be a level playing field, hosted by an objective journalist and attended by only genuinely undecided voters.

"The community is screaming out for a real debate. Community members want to see my political opponent and me presenting our views, highlighting deficiencies in one another's visions and policies for Noosa's future," Dr Petersen said.

"It should be a level playing field attended by only genuinely undecided voters. There should be a winner at the end of the debate and that winner should then be announced by the media."

Dr Petersen said that she had now attended two Meet the Candidates meetings organised by political supporters of her political opponent and felt that the community and she should be given the respect of at least one objectively run and organised debate.

"I've very charitably shown up and contributed to two candidates meetings hosted by my political opponent's supporters. I think it only fair that Mr Playford participate in one objectively organised debate. The community deserves respect and so do I," she said.