LETTER: Peregian forest clearfell an act of social vandalism

I WRITE to vehemently protest against the clearfelling of a forest of mature gum trees at Peregian Springs, adjacent to the shopping centre.

This is an act of bastardisation of our local environment, our lifestyle and our right to live in some sense of connection with our natural environment.

Not only that, it flies in the face of common knowledge that trees sink carbon, that trees sustain a moist local climate, that clearfelling is disastrous to the local flora and fauna and adjacent eco environments . . . let alone the very reasons that people have invested in Peregian Springs. There can be no excuses now. It's not like the information isn't out there.

The clearfelling at Christmas time when everyone was distracted was an admission of culpability, a blatant act of deception, of exploitation of the community itself.

Defensive arguments about growth, about jobs, about reactions regarded as irrational and emotive are not appropriate.

This is an act of environmental vandalism. If we are not enraged, not moved, then what has happened to our souls?