Pep Guardiola’s passion has never come into question.
Pep Guardiola’s passion has never come into question.

Hard to please: Pep cancels day off despite City’s 3-0 romp

FURIOUS Pep Guardiola hauled his shell-shocked players in for an extra session on Sunday - despite their thumping 3-0 win over Fulham.

Champions Manchester City created a whopping 28 chances yet boss Pep rapped: "I am angry. I am upset with my players and they know that."

Guardiola, who starred in City's documentary All or Nothing, added: "I can't handle it when they miss the simple things, the simple pass, controlling the ball.

"We spoke about that many times. That's why I am going to show them we can improve."

The players reported for Sunday's extra tactical session, where perfectionist Guardiola went over the game with them and explained exactly where they had gone wrong.

Leroy Sane had fired City ahead after just two minutes before David Silva and Raheem Sterling goals completed the victory.

But Guardiola's side wasted a host of good openings.

The City boss added: "It's the simple things - they know that. And it happened a few times, especially in the first half.

"After winning 100 points last season, the late arrival we had after the World Cup and because after you win you change your mind a little bit. But now we start, everyone's going to settle."

City have been installed as favourites for the Champions League and kick off their bid at home to Lyon on Wednesday.

"My reaction is when they miss simple things - that is when I cannot handle myself," Guardiola said.

"When a guy has a simple ball but they make an extra pass, an extra dodge and they miss the pass, I'm angry, I'm upset with my players. They know that, we spoke many times.

"If they miss the goals or assists, I don't care. If they are dribbling and lose the dribbling it doesn't matter.

"But controlling the ball and passing simple, if they miss that... (on Saturday) there was many. That is why I am going to show them we can improve."