TWO decades after she first won enough votes to take her views on Australia being "swamped by Asians" to a national stage, former Ipswich fish-and-chip owner turned political firebrand Pauline Hanson is back.

And it's for real this time.

Both Labor and Liberal strategists have confirmed they expect Ms Hanson to win a Senate seat at the July 2 poll, after electoral reforms quashed the hopes of other minor parties.

Ms Hanson will now be battling Senator Glenn Lazarus for the state's conservative vote.

Labor Queensland state secretary Evan Moorhead told NewsCorp the changes to Senate voting achieved by the Coalition and Greens will make it easier for Ms Hanson to take a Senate seat.

Pauline Hanson has been spotted hitchhiking near Moranbah
Pauline Hanson Chris Ison

An LNP source also told NewsCorp she may have more support than many expect, because voters aren't willing to publicly admit they will support her.

Ms Hanson ran for the south-Queensland seat of Lockyer at the Queensland election last year, but was narrowly defeated.

While she was once elected for her stance against unchecked Asian immigration, Ms Hanson's political platform has evolved.

In part, her One Nation party wants burqas banned in public, a stop to all Muslim immigration including refugees and a Royal Commission "to determine if Islam is a religion or a political ideology".

Halal certification would also be banned, with no Halal-certified food to be provided in prisons or to soldiers.