The images of the mysterious woman.
The images of the mysterious woman.

Mystery of ‘hostie’ images on lost phone

A PASSENGER has told of her shock at finding mysterious new photos popping up on her iCloud days after leaving her phone behind on a flight.

Bobby Jonson took to Twitter to share his friend's strange story, who had lost the phone while disembarking an American Airlines flight. While still on the plane she claims she tried to turn around to retrieve the phone but was told by a flight attendant to continue and that she would bring it to her.

However, she was allegedly told by the crew member that it couldn't be located.

A few days later something very strange started to happen - images of a woman believed to be a flight attendant started to appear in her iCloud.

The airline responded to Mr Johnson's tweet, asking if his friend had filed in a lost and found form. He said she had, and continued: "Pretty unacceptable that this is the response she got, with no responsibility taken or FA being held accountable for clearly stealing her phone."

Three days later, and the passenger has yet to be reunited with her phone.

Please explain, American Airlines?

"We asked to have the actual passenger reach out to us in order of us to obtain additional information," an airline spokesperson told The Sun. "But at this time, the actual passenger has not reached out to us."