Former parole officer Bianca Anderson is excited in her new role on the Coast.
Former parole officer Bianca Anderson is excited in her new role on the Coast.

Parole officer regains passion with new Coast business

After 15 years working with criminals and sex offenders, a move to the Sunshine Coast has proven a welcome change for Tewantin therapist Bianca Anderson.

Through her business Harmony through Hypnotherapy, Ms Anderson assists clients with various ailments including chronic pain, menopause, fears and phobias.

It is a far cry from her former world as a parole officer with Victoria Police.

“I got sick of bashing my head against a brick wall,” Ms Anderson said.

“I thought there has to be more to this seedy life.”

Three years ago, Ms Anderson and her family left the hustle and bustle and Melbourne’s grey winters and headed to the Coast, where she was initially employed as a private investigator.

She used her time wisely during the coronavirus lockdown and is now putting all her energy into her new business as a hypnotherapist.

“It is very refreshing to have people really want to change and improve themselves,” she said.

“Seeing that genuine change it really fuels my passion.

“I gave 20 years of my life to criminology, I can’t envisage myself going back to it.”

The hypnotherapist said there was a misconception out there of what real hypnotism was.

“It’s not a stage show,” she said.

“A hypnotist show is a show, it’s not therapy.”

She said some of her clients were very comfortable with the relaxation side of it.

“It is a focused state of relaxation,” Ms Anderson said.

“It’s bypassing the conscious mind and tapping into the subconscious mind.

“That’s where real change takes place.”

Find out more about hypnotherapy at the Harmony through Hypnotherapy website.