Barack Obama
Barack Obama

Paris terrorism "an attack on all of humanity'

US President Barack Obama has condemned the violent attacks in Paris that claimed scores of lives and pledged American assistance to French authorities.

"Once again we've seen an outrageous attempt to terrorise innocent civilians," he said.

"This is an attack not just on Paris and not just on people of France, but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share."

Mr Obama was expected to speak to French President Francois Hollande shortly.

He said his team is was still gathering information and he didn't want to speculate about who might be responsible.

But he vowed to work with the French and nations around the world "to bring these terrorists to justice, and to go after any terrorist networks that go after our people."

"The French people have stood shoulder to shoulder with the United States time and again," he said.

"And we want to be very clear that we stand together with them in the fight against terrorism and extremism."

He noted that France is the United States' oldest ally and recounted the French values of liberty, fraternity and equality.

"Those are values that we share," Obama said. "And those values are going to endure far beyond any act of terrorism or the hateful vision of those who perpetrated the crimes this evening.