Social media lit up for Sam Martin as he battled cancer
Social media lit up for Sam Martin as he battled cancer

Paris attacks: Father of Sam Martin's powerful message

THE Sunshine Coast father of a boy lost to cancer has posted a touching reminder to us all to make good choices to go on, despite tragedies like the Paris attacks by terrorists.

Mark Martin posted a tribute to his son Sam to mark his 10th birthday.

The Coolum State School student lost his battle with an aggressive form of cancer in November last year.

He captured the hearts of people across Queensland as he battled the final stages of an aggressive form of Fibrosarcoma.

A Facebook page Sam's Journey has more than 4400 followers

Mark Martin's tribute to Sam read as follows:

Today is the day that my son Sam would have turned 10, double digits, on the way to being a big boy.

With what has been going on in the world over the past few days I was unsure whether or not to post to commemorate Sam, it seemed a bit trivial with the loss and devastation that so many will be feeling this weekend.

Watching the evening news tonight I thought no, I would say something, not only for Sam but for those that have just lost loved ones in the horrific attacks in Paris.

This is my choice. Everything in this world is a choice, well almost everything.

Sam's illness wasn't a choice, how Tanya, Ella, I and Sam dealt with his illness however was a choice.

I'd like to think we did that pretty well, but that might just be an extremely proud husband and father speaking.

The events in Paris were a choice, the acts of the perpetrators was a choice.

As a kid I can recall watching the evening news with planes being shot out of the sky, pubs being bombed, dictator's ruling with an iron fist over their people with horrific outcomes.

It didn't mean much to a kid from the back blocks of NZ then yet today it means so much, not for what was but for what is.

It is still happening some 40 years on.

It seems the same choices are still being made.

Today I was fortunate enough to go for a surf with a mate, took Ella to the beach with her non-biological sister Coco, built Lego that I bought for Sam on his 9th birthday and had family over for a BBQ to celebrate Sam's birthday.

That is how we chose to celebrate Sam's birthday, it is what Sam would have chosen to do on his birthday.

I've lost a son to cancer, a mother to suicide and am a product of the foster system.

Tomorrow the sun will rise and I have the choice as to how I will approach the day.

That is the point. This is the one of the key things that Sam in his too short a life emphasised to all that knew him.

Regardless of what has been or is, tomorrow we all have the ability to choose what is best for ourselves yet more importantly what is best for our family that shares this planet with us.

If you're fortunate enough tomorrow to be able to make some choices make sure they're for the greater good.