Parents should think before they post


It is scary that before a baby is even born the child's digital footprint is being created.

Pictures of the ultrasound are shared on social media. Due dates are shared. Parents are the biggest violators of a child's privacy, leaving potentially harmful digital footprints well before the age of consent.

Parents are sharing far more information than they realise about their children.

Parents' behaviour is increasingly putting their child at risk for identity theft, humiliation and various privacy violations, future discrimination, and developmental issues related to autonomy and consent.

It is important to note that slavery is illegal in Australia. Parents do not own their child. If consent cannot be sought, photos should not be publicly posted and shared on social media.

A child may be mortified upon discovering the photos and posts created by their parents when they were a baby. This could lead to family breakdown and mistrust.

It is not unreasonable to share a photo for a child's grandparents or family via a secure platform where only the intended recipients can access the photos.

If photos are shared on Facebook or Instagram, it is not secure. Anyone can view the photos, rather than just family. I cringe when I see friends sharing pictures of their children naked (even with a little graphic over the child's genitals).

Some of these friends I barely know, and the photo could be snapped up by a paedophile and shared.

Do you really know all your Facebook or Instagram friends well enough to trust them with such private moments captured of your precious child?

I think some parents need to think before they post.