Frank James Pardon, 70, leaves Maroochydore Courthouse after the third day of his trial.
Frank James Pardon, 70, leaves Maroochydore Courthouse after the third day of his trial.

Pardon trial: Secret recording reveals ‘intimate’ details

THE voice of an alleged child sex victim sounded calm against the voice of the accused, Frank Pardon, in a recorded phone call where he said he would have left his wife for the 14-year-old and tells of his "resistance" in "intimate" moments.

The courtroom was quiet, jurors taking notes and the Noosa councillor remained composed as the recorded phone call from 2016 played through the speakers on the third day of his trial.

The recording, which was made as part of the initial police investigation, was the last batch of evidence heard at Maroochydore District Court today and replayed the raw conversation the pair had more than 20 years after the alleged acts.

Pardon has pleaded not guilty to 11 sexual-related charges on a minor in the 1990s, including five counts of indecent treatment of a child.

A door can be heard closing before Pardon answers the phone and says it was "great to hear" from the woman.

The alleged victim told Pardon she wished to speak with him "about a few things sexually that happened between us".

"I just wanted to say it stuck with me and I always feel like you've taken away like a lot of my firsts, sexually, and it has affected me," she said in the phone call.

Pardon's reply took up most of the short phone call and his sentences often trailed off.

"Oh it did affect you?," he said.

"I would have left my wife and everything for you … yeah it was hard you were so young … that's why I never, even though we got close to real intimate sometimes … the resistance.

"Until you were 16 or older I didn't want to do anything that was over the top … but I've never forgotten you."

Pardon asked the woman if she wanted to catch up for coffee, to which she declined.

He then asked if she was "all right now" but the recording ended abruptly before an answer was heard.

The recording was played as part of the leading police investigator's evidence, who organised the call.

Earlier today, the jury heard from two of the alleged victim's medical practitioners who both recalled conversations with the woman about "sexual abuse".

Coolum Beach general practitioner Karen Sander said the victim spoke of "sexual abuse" she received "for over a year" from a man she knew.

Pardon has been charged with committing the offences across four months.

Another medical practitioner, Alison Muir, also gave evidence of one hour-long session she had with the victim in 2014.

"She said she was a young girl … she had a family friend who was very trusted, she stayed with that family friend and, in fact, it was Frank Pardon and in that time frame he abused her sexually," she said.

The jury also heard from a clinical hypnotherapist, David Taylor, who treated the victim for binge eating and weight-loss management three times in 2013 and once in 2016.

Mr Taylor spoke about the different levels of hypnosis and how he would "suggest" positive visualisations to the woman.

The court heard Mr Taylor also had a policy to not engage with victims of child sexual abuse.

"I will not work with (those) people, especially when they have a vague or fuzzy memory. I will refer them to their general practitioner," he said.

Under cross-examination, defence barrister Andrew Hoare questioned whether the alleged victim had told Mr Taylor about her alleged child sexual abuse.

"At no stage whatsoever," he said.

The jury will hear from the defence team's first witness when the trial continues tomorrow.