Owner of $50,000 found in case has to wait for the cash

THE owner of a mystery suitcase found to contain about $50,000 will have to wait a month to collect the money, police said yesterday.

The Sunshine Coast Daily revealed exclusively on Tuesday that the owner of the bag had been identified.

The owner is believed to be an elderly woman.

The money was discovered on April 16 at a charity store at Pomona when a prospective buyer took it up to counter staff.

It had been in a secret compartment, they said.

The suitcase had been on sale for $5.

National media incorrectly reported yesterday that police were still searching for the owner.

But it emerged that Queensland Police Media notifications had not been updated, a spokesman said yesterday.

A Police Media spokeswoman said the media was being told that the officer investigating the case did not start work until 4.30pm yesterday.

She said Police Media could not confirm if the owner of the case had been identified or not.

"Until (4.30pm), we are not sure if the money has been handed back or not," she said.

Another Police Media spokesman said at 4.30pm that the owner had been identified, but further investigations would need to be conducted to confirm that.

"We are waiting further detail to make the final confirmation," he said.

"There seems to be a clear indication that the owner has been identified."

Police said yesterday the owner had to wait two months after the money had been handed to police to collect it.

A police spokesman said the owner had provided a detailed description of the suitcase as well as the exact amount inside, which did not total exactly $50,000.

The spokesman said police believed the case had been handed in at the charity store after the woman moved house.