DIRECTOR: Peter Cousens.
DIRECTOR: Peter Cousens. Contributed

Overwhelming support for Morcombe movie

ALMOST $40,000 raised in 24 hours.

It seems the Coast's support of Daniel Morcombe and his family, already incredibly strong, has lifted yet another level.

The push to bring Daniel's story to the big screen is riding the crest of a crowd-funding wave which saw more than $36,000 raised in just more than a day.

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Pretty impressive.

The film Where is Daniel is set to be based after Daniel's abduction and follows Bruce and Denise Morcombe's quest for the truth, as well as the story of a young detective who played a crucial role in bringing Daniel's killer to justice.


Peter Cousens, director and co-scriptwriter of the film said he was overwhelmed by the support shown for the project in such a short time.

"It's quite extraordinary actually the response," he said.

"It's very, very generous the whole thing. I'm quite overwhelmed at how generous people are."

It's not a standard donation though.

People can stump up a variety of amounts and in return can get rewards like tickets to a screening, their name in the credits and even a role as an extra in the film.

Bruce and Denise Morcombe said the film was a way to immortalise Daniel's story but also spread the vital child safety message to a much wider audience through the big screen.

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