CRISIS POINT: John Brown, like most Bald Knob residents, is down to the dregs of his rainwater tank.
CRISIS POINT: John Brown, like most Bald Knob residents, is down to the dregs of his rainwater tank. Patrick Woods

'Out of options': Families in crisis with empty tanks

SUNSHINE Coast families relying on tank water are at crisis point, as residents continue to face waiting times of three to four weeks for refills as tank levels hit zero.

Bald Knob resident John Brown has been trying to get water for about two weeks, and has contacted about 20 water carrier companies.

The earliest they may be able to deliver water is next week, but he, along with his wife and mother-in-law, are down to the dregs of their tank water supply.

"We've run out of options," Mr Brown said.

He said they could run out of water at "any day", and have been showering at friends' homes and buying bottled water whenever possible to ration out the remaining tank water.

But the water shortage has even hit Sunshine Coast supermarkets, Mr Brown said, with larger water containers increasingly difficult to find.

"Their shelves are running empty as well," he said.

"The big 10L containers at Woolworths and Coles, as soon as they're on the shelf they get taken.

"People are buying 10, 20 at a time."

Mr Brown has taken to buying the 24-pack of smaller water bottles for drinking, brushing teeth and giving to the dog, while he carries containers of water from the dam on his property most days for flushing the toilets.

He said he would use the water filling depots made open to the public as council retrofitted taps in parks to fill containers, but without a trailer or a ute to transport large quantities of water it wouldn't solve residents' problems.

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The tank water shortage has become the talk of the hinterland as communities face weeks of waiting as their supply depletes, with almost all Bald Knob homes running on rainwater tanks.

"Everyone in town is talking about it and desperate for water," he said.

But the Sunshine Coast community is pulling together, with residents on town water offering their help.

"I've got a couple of friends on town water, so they're more than happy to let us go down and have a shower, and fill up some bottles," Mr Brown said.

"Everyone is doing what they can to help out."

The Sunshine Coast Council has urged those facing water shortages to seek help from friends and family.

Mr Brown said the water carrier companies were run ragged, but the quote he had received for the water was the usual price.

"I've actually got a friend who runs water tanks, and they're running 14 hour days, seven days a week, and he can't even fit me in," he said.

"They're just flat out at the moment.

"I would have thought they'd be really jacking it up by now, but thankfully they're not taking advantage of us."