The ES&A Bank at Palmwoods.
The ES&A Bank at Palmwoods. Contributed

OUR SAY: Our values must be protected

THE Sunshine Coast is on the cusp of possibly the greatest change it has experienced since the 1960s.

Palmview and Caloundra South will increase the region's population by 67,000 people with the hospital, new CBD and airport runway realignment set to redefine what were once a series of beachside holiday villages and hinterland towns, most owing their existence to the primary industry pursuits of fishing and cane.

In the head-long rush for change and its perceived benefits it is, however, absolutely critical that we don't completely wash our hands of the past and the history and values it represents.

The 2014 Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme is mindful of these concerns.

Under the sub-section "Community identity, character and social inclusion", it underscores the importance of the region's unique identity, protection of prominent landscape features, urban environments outside the enterprise corridor that are less intensive than other areas of south-east Queensland and, among other things, preservation of communities that value their history and cultural associations.

Palmwoods residents are now fighting to preserve ES&A Bank buildings in the hinterland town as others on the Coast push back against major planning scheme changes that threaten their amenity.

The council should be careful that it listens to arguments other than yield as it discharges its duties to ratepayers and the future.