Danielle Watt's family home has been trashed by vandals.
Danielle Watt's family home has been trashed by vandals. Warren Lynam

OUR SAY: Victims face new plight

LOSING most of your worldly possessions in a malicious act of vandalism is bad enough, but not having a place to live may well be worse.

This is the plight of Danielle and Chad Watts and their two daughters who couldn't possibly go back to their Palmwoods home that was wrecked last week.

Not only will the fumes from the bleach, paint, broken eggs, milk and alcohol splashed across nearly everything make it unlivable for some time, the memories will never fade.

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Like most parents, the Watts's are trying their best to protect their children from seeing the full extent of the damage.

They don't want them to see the hateful graffiti, specifically targeting the family's American heritage, painted on the wall.

While police continue to try to track down those involved, this family needs to be together.

They have had to split up and stay between family and friends as they join the long queue of people on the Sunshine Coast trying to find an affordable place to rent.

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They can't be huddled as a family at night, with their two small dogs and cats, to come to terms with starting all over and who did this to them.

Already many people across the Sunshine Coast and the rest of Australia have come forward, eager to give assistance. But until they have a home, they have nowhere to put donations.

Palmwoods State School chaplain, Jenny Schleusener, has put her hand up to be the go-between for anyone who has a home to rent. Let's make this happen for this family who have been through enough.