Mark Furler

OUR SAY: New MPs need to take note

THE two central Sunshine Coast electorates of Fairfax and Fisher were lucky enough to have fresh blood to vote for in the Federal Election.

And Ted O'Brien and Andrew Wallace should be given the benefit of the doubt.

We've elected them, they've promised to work together to get things done for the region and now have a full term for them to show us what they're made of.

It was a similar situation in Wide Bay.

However, in Longman, where Wyatt Roy is still waiting to find out his fate, it's a different story.

His struggle is repeated across regional areas as analysis of poll results shows two third of the seats that swung to Labor or that are in doubt were outside of the capital cities.

While all we long for is a stable government that delivers on its promises, if the LNP is re-elected, it's a very healthy reminder that it will have to satisfy its regional voters, because that trend, undoubtedly will spread if there's continued inaction. Labor promised nothing of significance for this region should it be elected.

Malcolm Turnbull promised a loan for the Sunshine Coast Airport expansion and cash for the undersea cable project.

Investment in infrastructure such as the Bruce Hwy and rail must be considered for the benefit of our region moving forward, and Mr O'Brien and Mr Wallace along with all our state and local representatives will need to beat the drum hard to have that message heard loud and clear.

Or else, next time our electorates could go the way of so many other regional electorates and both men could find themselves on the same knife's edge as Mr Roy.