Scott Sawyer.
Scott Sawyer. Warren Lynam

OPINION: Lockout laws unfair for the good eggs

IT'S A seriously tough question these lockout laws pose.

On one hand, the argument is that anything to increase safety is a good thing, but it's not that clear for me.

The fact is that many live music venues operate late. The longer the support list the more opportunities for young, up-and-coming acts to be heard.

Anything that jeopardises that is not good news.

Gone are the days of traditional working hours. Hospitality workers like to knock off and still head out and catch up with friends, get to a gig or simply unwind with a few cold ones.

And what about the 98% of punters who are responsible.

Who can handle their grog and enjoy a night out that involves visiting multiple venues and thoroughly enjoy seeing a number of sights in a night.

I can remember many a cracking night in Brisbane, starting out on Eagle St, ending up in the Valley, venturing into the city, the Casino and usually back to the Valley, stumbling home in the wee hours with not much more than memories in the bank.

To rob people of that opportunity because of a minority is ridiculous.

Everyone knows there are inherent risks when out late at night and alcohol is involved.

The difference is, one or two in thousands can't curb their behaviour, lash out and destroy lives.

These people should be taken off our streets, plain and simple.

Why give violent thugs a second chance because they use the excuse of alcohol?

Remove the violent offenders and let the rest of us who can enjoy a night out without being idiots do so.

If you're going to insist on a nanny state, be consistent, don't leave the casinos exempt.