VISION: Community and Creative Hub Town Square concept.
VISION: Community and Creative Hub Town Square concept. Sunshine Coast Council

OPINION: Caloundra looks to the future with new city plan

THERE can be no doubt about the need to re-imagine Caloundra given the transformation that has been thrust upon it by the State Government's decision to create a city the size of Gladstone on its doorstep.

Considerable work has been done in creating a draft master plan and to arrive at five short-term transformative project, including a town square redevelopment, road and access improvements, a new gateway entrance to the CBD at Bowman Road and Bulcock Street, incentives for mixed use development in the main street and the redev- elopment of Otranto Avenue as a street park.

An engineer once famously described Caloundra's streets as having been designed by someone who believed the earth to be flat.

The result has been something long in the untangling.

The draft Caloundra Centre Master Plan is a document whose intent is noble and whose detail aims to deliver a more liveable urban and commercial environment between Central Park and the water.

Its success will be aided by thoughtful and plentiful community input to the draft before a final document sets a course which charts the town centre's future in an era of impending and absolute change.

Caloundra's unique natural position, its topography and aspect have always placed it as a very special place to live.

But the impending arrival of some 50,000 neighbours requires that the mistakes of the past be corrected and demands solutions that look to the long term.