Mother and daughter hairdressing duo Sandy Turner and Alisha Brodie at their new salon
Mother and daughter hairdressing duo Sandy Turner and Alisha Brodie at their new salon "The Haicutters". Mike Richards GLA040918HAIR

OPEN FOR BUSINESS: Mother and daughter duo get snipping

A POPULAR Gladstone hair salon is returning to the region in a big way including hosting celebrity hairdressers to educate Gladstone salons.

The Haircutters at Sun Valley was sitting dormant for almost two years before mum-and-daughter-duo Sandy Turner and Alisha Brodie decided to re-open the shop three weeks ago.

Ms Turner who has been cutting hair for more than 30 years said high rental demands originally forced her to make the tough decision to close the shop 18-months-ago.

The hairdresser said her running costs had jumped five-fold in the past seven years.

"I've watched my business go up and down in Gladstone, I've been cutting hair for 30 years," she said.

"Haircutters was running for about seven years until I closed it for the downturn because the rent was getting hard," Ms Turner said.

"But things started to happen in Gladstone, projects came back and I got a better deal for the studio."

Dusting off the carts and trolleys and sharpening her scissors, Ms Turner said she was excited to open the salon doors.

"Maybe it was meant to be, we couldn't find anyone who wanted to take it over," she said.

The salon bosses said they are doing things a little differently this time.

"Were providing products for other Gladstone hairdressing salons," she said.

"Hairdressers can purchase products and equipment from us and we order it for them at special price."

Young hairdressers can also run their businesses at The Haircutters.

"I'm in the middle of working with a work place ombudsman so the girls can work for themselves under my roof," Ms Turner said.

"Young mums can run their own business and come back out into a professional shop front were they are protected by insurance."

The hair salon is also hosting a celebrity hairdresser on November 20, Bernadette Beswick.

"It's an exciting time for hairdressers in Gladstone."