Queensland Health Minister Steven Miles. (AAP Image/Dan Peled)
Queensland Health Minister Steven Miles. (AAP Image/Dan Peled)

One new case as state flattens curve ‘dramatically’

ONE new case of coronavirus has been recorded in Queensland overnight, as the Government says the state has flattened the curve "quite dramatically".

The new case of COVID-19 is in the south of Brisbane and takes the state's total to 1035.

There are 53 active cases with 46 of those in the southeast.

Nine people are being treated in hospital with four in intensive care units.

Giving the update today, Health Minister Steven Miles said Queensland had flattened the curve "quite dramatically".

Mr Miles also said by and large, Queenslanders had abided by the eased restrictions this weekend .


Mr Miles said the Government was hesitant to further ease restrictions in areas that had no cases because it could make it confusing.

"At different stages we've considered whether it would be appropriate to have different measures in different parts of the state," he said.

"The only places that have made sense are remote communities and as well as the tourist islands off the coast.

"For the rest of the state we've made an assessment that it was important enough to keep the restrictions consistent so that we can communicate them very clearly and so that people when they move around don't need to learn new restrictions."

The Minister said if the Government was to start changing them by regions, it would create "an added level of difficulty for Queenslanders to comply but also for businesses to comply and also for police to do enforcement".

Because an incubation period is about two weeks, Queenslanders will need to wait to see how successful this weekend of eased restrictions has been before assessing any further changes.

Today's new case follows yesterday's single new case, which saw a public health alert issued after the person travelled to Brisbane on a Qantas flight on April 22.

Giving yesterday's update, Mr Miles said the person had travelled overseas and said their travel was "related to" a cruise ship known to have COVID-19 circulating on it. They then travelled to Brisbane from Melbourne on QF 614 on April 22.

Six people have died from COVID-19 in Queensland and 976 patients have recovered from the virus. There have been 115,598 tests conducted in the state.

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