Steve Dickson has drawn the line in the sand over the price of One Nation support in the event of a hung parliament at the next state election.
Steve Dickson has drawn the line in the sand over the price of One Nation support in the event of a hung parliament at the next state election. Patrick Woods

One Nation's Qld power play

ONE Nation's support in any hung parliament after the next Queensland election will depend on a willingness to give the state what it needs, according to party leader Steve Dickson who has indicated today he is ready to deal.

Mr Dickson, the Member for Buderim, has made it clear One Nation has a list of priorities for the state and that it would negotiate with either the LNP or Labor to ensure their delivery.

His immediate target would be reallocation of the $5.4billion from the Queensland Budget for the Cross River Rail - a project he says has now been thoroughly discredited by Infrastructure Australia as not required until at least the mid-2030s.

Mr Dickson said the money was clearly there, with both major parties voting to support the budget.

The Sunshine Coast would win through $850 million to duplicate the North Coast Rail to Nambour: an amount he said he would expect the region's Federal Government MPs to match through direct lobbying of the Prime Minister.

A further $700million of Cross River Rail funding would go to lifting the Borumba Dam wall to increase its capacity to match Wivenhoe, and linking it to an extended water grid.

"The land is already owned by the government," Mr Dickson said. "And we would want the Prime Minister to double what we put in.

"Malcolm Turnbull said he wanted to build dams and to secure water supply We need to drought-proof the region."

He said the North Coast Rail was a project well overdue with the need long established, while the Cross River Rail had been found wanting by Infrastructure Australia analysis of the data used by the State Government to justify it.

Mr Dickson said infrastructure needs, however, were not just restricted to the Sunshine Coast and south-east Queensland, with the entire state crying out for better delivery.

An upgrade for the Mount Lindsay Highway would attract a further $400million.

"Absolutely we will deal with whichever party meets our demands," he said.

"There is $5.4 billion to be reallocated from Cross River Rail. There will be other demands. We will deal with the party that does the right thing by Queensland.

"No-one owns me. No-one owns One Nation. I'd like to see a couple of orange, a couple of blue and a couple of red on the Sunshine Coast (One Nation, LNP and Labor)."

Mr Dickson said while he expected the Government to run its full term, he believed it would go earlier before it was dragged down by more email scandals.

He said anyone who believed current published polling was "stupid" - pointing to the inaccuracy of US polling that had Hilary Clinton winning the presidency.

What Mr Dickson said he was seeing was both the LNP and Labor going to dust everywhere outside Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

He nominated the primarily Labor seat of Logan as one One Nation was increasingly confident it would pick up due to an outstanding candidate in three-time world Muay Thai boxing champion Scott Bannon.