One Nation will want Cabinet spots in Parliament: Newman

FORMER LNP Premier Campbell Newman is again gazing into his crystal ball about the upcoming Queensland election, this time after meeting with One Nation advisor James Ashby.

Mr Newman said he met with Mr Ashby at Waterfront Place in Brisbane on Thursday but declined to tell the Courier-Mail if One Nation leader Pauline Hansonw as also there.

He said the next government is going to need the support of One Nation to govern, but warned "I think that the price for One Nation support will be power".

"They will be asking for ministerial positions," he said.


Mr Newman predicted One Nation could win six seats in Queensland, three off each major party, including potentially Lockyer in the south and Bundaberg.

Labor has previously ruled out any deals with One Nation.

On Wednesday, Ms Hanson told the Queensland Times how One Nation intended to fight and win back the seat of Lockyer, ahead of incumbent LNP MP Ian Rickuss's retirement.

"I am going to put all my efforts into winning Lockyer," she told the QT.

"I intend to win it and I doubt (Bob) Katter will stand a candidate there this time, but it is going to be wide open with no sitting member and with a lot of independents likely to put up their hands.

"We did extremely well in the federal election in Wright, which takes in Lockyer, and I believe I was cheated out of that seat (in the state election) last time around.

"I think the people deserve better than what they have had under Ian Rickuss."