CHRISTOPHER Neale Roberts was jailed for stalking.
CHRISTOPHER Neale Roberts was jailed for stalking.

One date leads to a four-year infatuation for local stalker

CHRISTOPHER Neale Roberts went on one date with a woman in 2016 and though she ended the romance within two weeks he was so infatuated that he gave her a $700 necklace to remember him by.

Despite more than four years and several jail sentences passing Roberts still harboured feelings for the woman.

The Toowoomba Magistrates court heard yesterday the Roberts resumed the relationship on December 3, 2019, albeit in a one-side fashion, stalking the woman for six weeks to January 18.

Police Prosecutor Leea Trewin said Roberts repeatedly visited the woman's workplace and her home and appeared half naked on her front lawn on New Year's Eve.

He also phoned and sent messages to the woman, despite her asking him to stop.

The court heard the offending took place while Roberts was sleeping rough at the Toowoomba Turf Club, against the wishes of club management.

Police arrested Roberts on January 18 while he was armed with a syringe and breaking into Toowoomba CBD cars.

In Roberts' defence, lawyer Jag MacDonald said his client suffered from an undiagnosed, drug-induced psychosis.

"He was clearly drug-affected at the time," he said.

Mr MacDonald added that his client primarily wanted to get the necklace back or get compensation for it.

Roberts pleaded guilty to six charges including stalking, trespass and unlawful entry.

Magistrates Lee Graham sentenced the 32-year-old Toowoomba man to 15 months jail and granted immediate parole after considering 176 days of pre-sentence custody.