Noosa Mayor Tony Wellington with local indigenous artist Jandamarra Cadd.
Noosa Mayor Tony Wellington with local indigenous artist Jandamarra Cadd.

‘Obvious’ missing piece from local tourism offerings

NOOSA needs to build on its relationship with the area’s traditional owners the Kabi Kabi,

according to Noosa Mayor Tony Wellington who is keen to foster indigenous tourism.

“There is an obvious missing piece from Noosa’s tourism offerings,” Tony Wellington said. “And that is opportunities for visitors to better understand Noosa’s pre-European history.

“I set up some initial meetings between Kabi Kabi representatives and Tourism Noosa. Since then a good deal of work has gone on that will soon come to fruition in the form of local indigenous tours.

“Ultimately, I would like to see a dedicated first nation cultural centre in Noosa, a place where visitors to our shire can learn about the richness of Aboriginal culture, and where local indigenous artists like Jandamarra Cadd can display their work,” he said.

And Cr Wellington is looking to reconnect Noosa with a lesser known part of its history.

“Many of the Aboriginal people from this area were displaced and taken to Cherbourg mission,” he said.

The Noosa Library notes this removal to settlements such as Cherbourg under laws enacted by the Queensland government in 1897 in 1897 “resulted in there being very few Kabi Kabi people left in the Noosa area by the early 1900s”.

Council’s heritage levy has helped fund a documentary of the original inhabitants of Noosa. Place of Crowes, tells to how this forced removal has affected the Crowe family.

“The current Noosa Council has increased our engagement with the Kabi Kabi on a range of matters, most recently decisions around the Yurol and Ringtail Forest rehabilitation project,” Cr Wellington said.

“I have also made contact with the Kabi Kabi to gain better understanding of traditional cultural burning practices. This will help council design a more appropriate hazard reduction program.

“It is essential that the next Noosa Council continues to build on our relationship with the traditional owners of this area.”