WATCH: "Number plate graveyard" claiming cars on Qld beach

Number plate graveyard at Double Island swallowing cars

A "NUMBER plate graveyard” is claiming vehicle after vehicle at Double Island Point as holidaymakers try to speed through a large washout situated at the northern aspect of the area.

Tyron Van Santen from Epic Ocean Adventures drives through the area daily and said caution had to be exercised by motorists who were hitting the hole with speed in an attempt to get through it.

"It started off slowly with just a little puddle of water, but drivers going through it quite fast have made it bigger and bigger,” Mr Van Santen said.

The depth of the water varies depending on the tide.

During low tide about 30cm of water fills the washed-out sand, but high tide water depths are reportedly up around the bonnets of cars.

Mr Van Santen said it was at this time drivers were trying to pass through it and bottoming out.

"People are not thinking about it,” he said.

"The whole beach can change a lot, (so) people just have to be mindful of the tides and ask locals.

"Once you get the swell in, the sand just goes,” he said.

The increased volume of holiday traffic has meant the usually free-flowing procession of vehicles through the area is jammed during high tide.

Frustration is leading motorists to try their luck through the bonnet-high water with disastrous consequences.

"Usually the number plates go when people are trying to pass through it too quick,” Mr Van Santen said.

"We try and take it as wide and as slow as possible.

"But when petrol cars try to go through it, they get stuck,” he said.