ON THE MIC: Joe Jurisevic addresses the crowd.
ON THE MIC: Joe Jurisevic addresses the crowd.

Noosa’s recycling councillor keen to avoid binning

NOOSA’S clean up councillor Joe Jurisevic is far from being binned by voters, but he’ll need ongoing postal vote support after clawing his way back into the top six councillor candidate tallies in the council elections.

Cr Jurisevic has gained plenty of mileage out of his “recycle Joe” election slogan, however the local public face of the Clean Up Australia campaign knows he’s still a long way from a sustainable lead needed for a third term.

“I’m watching the figures very, very carefully myself,” he said.

“I’m taking it very philosophically, it is what it is … what the community chooses is what the community chooses,” said the six-year veteran of the reborn Noosa Council.

The Noosa News has seen figures from the ECQ that had not been posted to the polling website that has seen Cr Jurisevic come in from the electoral cold to be firmly in the mix at fourth, but with plenty of postals to be counted.

The top six at that stage were:

Frank Wilkie: 7.9 %

Brian Stockwell: 7.6%

Amelia Lorentson: 6.4%

Joe Jurisevic: 6.3%

Tom Wegener: 6. 3%

Phil Moran: 6.2 %

Cr Jurisevic had 5088 votes to Mr Wegener’s 5056, while Mr Moran was just ahead of the seventh placed Karen Finzel 4983 to 4965.

“This is nothing like the elections in the past because the booths are so different,” Cr Jurisevic said.

“With the amount of pre-poll that occurred, the amount of postal votes that occurred you can’t look at the results to date as an indication.

“We’ll know in another eight days when everything’s been counted.”

The councillor who is part of Noosa’s Local Disater Management Group response team said he’s going to be keeping isolated like everyone else and go into work as required.

He said his aim there is to “try and keep the community spirits up”.