Noosa’s mystifying rain record as clouds tease

DID we blink and miss it? One Sunday the Bureau of Meteorology reports Tewantin had 1.6mm of rain, that scarcest of commodities these days, fall out of the sky.

And the day before that .4 of a mm, taking the grand total until Tuesday for September to 2mm.

And the chances today of some more rain cloud action sits officially at 40 per cent for rain, 50 per cent for shower becoming less likely late this afternoon and evening. The mercury should climb to 23C.

Light winds are becoming easterly 15 to 25km/h in the middle of the day then becoming light in the evening.

Tomorrow and Friday the chance for rain is 20 per cent with a 30 to 40 per cent chance of showers. Saturday the likely rain forecast increases to 40 per cent with a top temp of 27 but Sunday the chances of a drop is just 10 per cent.

The fire risk remains high. The mean minimum and maximum temperatures for September to yesterday is 13.6 and 25.5.